EP2 Journal Publications in 2011

  1. E. Ahedo, "Double-layer formation and propulsive assessment for a three-species plasma expanding in a magnetic nozzle", Physics of Plasmas 18, 033510 (2011)  [PDF]
  2. E. Ahedo, "Magnetic confinement of a high-density cylindrical plasma", Physics of Plasmas 18, 103506 (2011)  [PDF]
  3. E. Ahedo & M. Merino, "On plasma detachment in propulsive magnetic nozzles", Physics of Plasmas 18, 053504 (2011)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  4. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Simulation of plasma flows in divergent magnetic nozzles", IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 39, 2938-2939 (2011)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  5. M. M. Sánchez & E. Ahedo, "Magnetic mirror effects on a collisionless plasma in a convergent geometry", Physics of Plasmas 18, 033509 (2011)  [PDF]
  6. E. Ahedo, "Plasmas for space propulsion", Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53, 124037 (2011)  [PDF]
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