EP2 Journal Publications in 2013

  1. C. Bombardelli, H. Urrutxua, M. Merino, J. Peláez & E. Ahedo, "The ion beam shepherd: A new concept for asteroid deflection", Acta Astronautica 90, 98-102 (2013)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  2. E. Ahedo & J. Navarro-Cavallé, "Helicon thruster plasma modeling: Two-dimensional fluid-dynamics and propulsive performances", Physics of Plasmas 20, 043512 (2013)  [PDF]
  3. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Two-dimensional quasi-double-layers in two-electron-temperature, current-free plasmas", Physics of Plasmas 20, 023502 (2013)  [PDF]  [DOI]
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