EP2 Journal Publications in 2015

  1. D. Escobar & E. Ahedo, "Global stability analysis of azimuthal oscillations in Hall thrusters", IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 43, 149-157 (2015)  [PDF]
  2. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Influence of Electron and Ion Thermodynamics on the Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Expansion", IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 43, 244-251 (2015)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  3. M. Merino, F. Cichocki & E. Ahedo, "Collisionless Plasma thruster plume expansion model", Plasma Sources Science and Technology 24, 035006 (2015)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  4. M. M. Sánchez, J. Navarro-Cavallé & E. Ahedo, "Electron cooling and finite potential drop in a magnetized plasma expansion", Physics of Plasmas 22, 053501 (2015)  [PDF]
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