EP2 Journal Publications in 2016

  1. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Effect of the plasma-induced magnetic field on a magnetic nozzle", Plasma Sources Science and Technology 25, 045012 (2016)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  2. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Fully magnetized plasma flow in a magnetic nozzle", Physics of Plasmas 23, 023506 (2016)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  3. A. Alpatov, F. Cichocki, A. Fokov, S. Khoroshylov, M. Merino & A. Zakrzhevskii, "Determination of the force transmitted by an ion thruster plasma plume to an orbital object", Acta Astronautica 119, 241-251 (2016)  [PDF]
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