EP2 Journal Publications in 2017

  1. F. Cichocki, A. D. Vázquez, M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Hybrid 3D model for the interaction of plasma thruster plumes with nearby objects", Plasma Sources Science and Technology 26, 125008 (2017)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  2. F. Cichocki, M. Merino, E. Ahedo, M. Smirnova, A. Mingo & M. Dobkevicius, "Electric Propulsion Subsystem Optimization for “Ion Beam Shepherd” Missions", Journal of Propulsion and Power 33, 370-378 (2017)  [PDF]  [DOI]
  3. M. Merino & E. Ahedo, "Contactless steering of a plasma jet with a 3D magnetic nozzle", Plasma Sources Science and Technology 26, 095001 (2017)  [PDF]
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